PC5 Endurance Awards Cup

PC5 Endurance Awards Cup

  • £64.99

Nickel Plated cup with Traditional style handles comes mounted on a bakelite base complete with engraving Band

Nickel plated for a hard wearing, tarnish resistant silver coloured finish.

Engravable in two positions, the cup body and the engraving band on the base.

Available in sizes below, larger sizes ideal for annual trophies and small sizes perfect for replicas.

PC5D 7 inch - £64.99
PC5E 8 inch - £74.99
PC5F 10 inch - £99.99
PC5G 12 inch - £129.99
PC5H 14 inch - £174.99
PC5J 15.75inch - £265.00

Sizes Include Bases

For engraving please email info@rjsmith-son.co.uk or call 01933 358541