1 Pint Pewter Tankard Georgian Handle Brass Lip & Base EP049

  • £39.00

1 Pint Pewter Tankard Georgian Handle Brass Lip & Base


English Pewter Company is a world-renowned leading manufacturer of Pewterware. All our pewter items are hand crafted from the highest quality lead-free pewter. Inspired by the traditional designs and fine craftsmanship from our forefathers we continue this fine tradition of quality pewter manufacturing right here in the heart of Sheffield, England. Pewter is an alloy of tin (which is the 4th most precious metal in common usage after platinum, gold and silver) with a small quantity of copper and antimony. It is completely lead-free. Pewter improves with age and doesn't tarnish.

This one pint tankard has a stunning mirror-like finish and is perfect for engraving. This is a 1 pint Georgian handle pewter tankard with a brass lip. The body has straight sides with a curved Georgian style handle with a brass lip at the top and bottom of the tankard. It is 14cm high and 9cm wide.
It comes packaged in a black and cream presentation box featuring our company logo on the top. This pewter tankard is marked on the base with our company logo featuring our world famous Beefeater touch-mark along with the wording English Pewter Made in Sheffield, England